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The John Mills Institute for Prosperity is a cross-party research initiative that seeks to provide policymakers of today and tomorrow with new, innovative, and fresh ideas to increase levels of prosperity and growth.

About us

By working with policy stakeholders, legislators, business and industry leaders, trade union representatives, economists, commentators, regional leaders and the public, the Institute for Prosperity aims to bring policymakers together to affect change and find new solutions to Britain’s economic problems.

We firmly believe that Britain must raise its sights and reject 1% economic growth per year, which has become the new norm. By investing in economic growth and getting our economy to grow at over 3% per year, we will increase levels of prosperity across the whole nation and ensure no one is left behind.

We are supported by an expert Advisory Board. With MPs and Lords from across the political spectrum, former ministers, academics, and business leaders, the Institute for Prosperity is made up of a diverse and broad range of opinions, ideas and solutions, and we fundamentally believe we are stronger for it. Our Advisory Board brings a wide range of expertise to our work, and in fact, many of them represent or live in left-behind communities facing deep-rooted economic challenges of the kind we are concerned about. We are all united by making Britain a more prosperous nation for which everyone benefits.

The Advisory Board’s members share a passionate commitment to the Institute’s mission but, because of the breadth and range of their political views, we don’t expect or require them to agree with every individual idea we propose.

Our Mission
John Mills

Message from John Mills

“For over a decade, Britain has been plagued by low rates of economic growth, and with it has followed stagnation in levels of prosperity, productivity and standards of living. Over the course of that same time, investment levels have slipped down to well below the world average and Britain’s manufacturing industry has been decimated. 

The economic and social impact of these developments has been widespread and very damaging for many. It has left millions, particularly outside London and the South East, feeling left behind and believing that our economy no longer works for them."

About our founder

John Mills
John Mills

John Mills is founder and Chairman of JML, the consumer goods distribution company, which exports to more than 70 countries around the world. He is also an economist and author, noted for his writing on Brexit, the Labour Party and exchange rate policy.

“To increase prosperity, growth and equality by putting a more successful economic future at the heart of British political discourse.”