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The “John Mills Institute for Prosperity” is John Mills acting in a personal capacity. Hereafter, it will be referred to as the “Institute for Prosperity”.


The Institute for Prosperity is a research initiative that seeks to provide policymakers of today and tomorrow with fresh ideas aimed at increasing levels of economic growth and prosperity.

The Institute for Prosperity is a non-partisan research initiative with no political affiliations.

John Mills’ goal by creating an initiative such as The Institute for Prosperity is to:

  1. Contribute to the national debate and political discourse on Britain’s economic policy and future.
  2. Bring together key economic stakeholders including legislators, business and industry leaders, trade union representatives, economists, commentators and journalists, locally elected leaders, academics, industry trade bodies, think-tanks, and the public to find new solutions to Britain’s economic problems.


John’s mission with this initiative is to increase prosperity, growth, and equality by putting a more successful economic future at the heart of British discourse on economic policy.

The British economy is deeply unbalanced and lopsided, which is driving increasing levels of inequality. The UK has deindustrialised to a greater extent than any other developed nation. Its underlying growth rate – at barely one per cent per annum - is not enough to support its future funding challenges.

John Mills seeks to engage with these issues and to contribute to their solution through the Institute for Prosperity initiative. It believes that Britain must raise its sights and reject the very low economic growth rates which have become the new norm. On the contrary, he believes that we should be aiming for a growth rate of at least three per cent per annum based on investment and export-led expansion.


Through the Institute for Prosperity initiative John Mills will engage in a wide range of activities to support the following mission and aims:

  1. Writing and promoting independent, academic-standard research on all UK economic issues.
  2. Co-writing and promoting research papers with third-party research organisations engaged in similar issues.
  3. Writing, filming, and promoting content including videos, blog posts, podcasts, speeches, webinars, infographics, and images on our website, social media platforms and other marketing channels.
  4. Hosting events and debates for key economic stakeholders.
  5. Engaging with all external online, print, and broadcast media.
  6. Engaging in conferences and other events hosted by third-party organisations.
  7. Commissioning public polling on key economic issues.
  8. Holding public consultations on key economic issues.
  9. Other forms of activity to support our mission and aims, including other projects.


The Institute for Prosperity initiative, which is John Mills acting in a personal capacity, is personally and independently funded and underwritten by John Mills. 

Advisory Board 

To support the initiative John will seek views and advice from a small advisory board, made up of economic and policy experts from a variety of fields. 

For more information, please contact us

“To increase prosperity, growth and equality by putting a more successful economic future at the heart of British political discourse.”