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The home for all research on UK prosperity, growth and equality commissioned by The John Mills Institute for Prosperity.

Manufacturing Unlocked: How to make a revival in manufacturing a reality From The John Mills Institute for Prosperity

The Institute for Prosperity's latest report outlines the policies that will increase the amount of manufacturing in the UK and kickstart a new period of economic growth.

Elephant in the room
The Elephant in the Room: Why UK living standards may be lower in 2030 than today From The John Mills Institute for Prosperity

In his latest book, John Mills tackles The Elephant in the Room, which he describes as the economic policies pursued by consecutive over the last 40 years which has led to Britain deinstruialising on a scale unrivalled anywhere else in the world.

The Road to Recovery: Reviving Manufacturing after Coronavirus From John Mills

A report published jointly by the John Mills Institute for Prosperity and Civitas on why Britain should revive our depleted manufacturing industry after Covid-19.

Doctor carrying facemask
Report: Manufacturing a Recovery From Coronavirus From John Mills

Recovery from the coronavirus crisis won’t be easy anywhere in the world. It may, however, be considerably more difficult in the UK than elsewhere because the UK’s underlying economy was in much worse shape before the crisis hit us than is generally realised.

Work in a factory
Raising Productivity - How to get the UK economy to grow sustainably at 3% to 4% a year From John Mills

The UK has a chronic productivity problem. Output per person is virtually the same as it was ten years ago. This is why the economy is growing so slowly and why most people’s incomes, net of inflation, have stagnated or declined. Furthermore, without significant policy changes, there is little prospect of this situation improving as far ahead as we can see.

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