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Sparks from manufacturing
The Road to Prosperity: Why Enhancing Britain's Manufacturing Base Is Essential for Levelling Up Britain From John Mills

Unemployment is low and the proportion of the total population in work is at an all-time high, but far too many people are in low productivity, insecure jobs, struggling to make ends meet. The thesis in this report is that all these problems would be much more manageable if the economy was performing better – growing faster and doing so with less regional inequality.

Decarbonising the Economy: The Role of Batteries and Fuel Cells From Professor Stephen Pollock

The Institute for Prosperity's latest report details the role that batteries and fuel cells have in decarbonising our economy as we approach the government's 2050 net-zero target, and how the UK needs to invest much more to stay competitive.

Manufacturing Unlocked: A Blueprint for Reviving Manufacturing up to 15% of GDP From The John Mills Institute for Prosperity

The Institute for Prosperity has launched a bold blueprint of 10 key policy reforms to revive the British manufacturing industry, and crucially, get our economy growing at over three per cent GDP again.

Manufacturing Unlocked: How to make a revival in manufacturing a reality From The John Mills Institute for Prosperity

The Institute for Prosperity's latest report outlines the policies that will increase the amount of manufacturing in the UK and kickstart a new period of economic growth.

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