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A Labour Campaign for Manufacturing

Investing in Our Future: A Stronger Manufacturing Sector for All

Welcome to the Labour Campaign for Manufacturing and for supporting our commitment to revitalise our manufacturing sector! We believe in the power of industry to drive economic growth, create high-quality jobs, tackle climate change and foster innovation that benefits all members of our society. We believe that achieving a three per cent growth per annum is perfectly achievable by growing our manufacturing sector to 15% of GDP. We believe having a competitive exchange rate policy is key to achieving that growth.

Our Vision: A Thriving Manufacturing Sector

At the heart of our campaign is a vision for a thriving manufacturing sector that is globally competitive, sustainable, and inclusive and which drives prosperity here at home. We recognise the invaluable contribution that manufacturing makes to our economy and in local communities. By focusing on key pillars, we aim to rejuvenate this crucial sector and pave the way for a stronger, more prosperous future under an incoming Labour government.

If we are to level up the British economy, then manufacturing must play a central role in any Industrial Strategy. We need to get British manufacturing back up to around 15% of GDP to achieve the higher levels of growth that we need to fund the public services we all rely upon.

Key Pillars of Our Campaign:

Investment in Innovation: We are committed to providing manufacturers with the incentives to generate the resources they need to innovate and embrace cutting-edge technologies. We need to incentivise investment. By increasing investment in research and development through tax incentives, we'll drive the creation of innovative products, sustainable production methods, and new avenues for growth and increase our exports.

Macroeconomic Policy: It is vitally important that an incoming Labour government pursues economic policies that strengthen and give an advantage to the British manufacturing sector. This means an incoming Labour government should explore the merits of a competitive exchange policy to allow British exporters to be more competitive on the global market in order that we can compete with our manufacturing competitors such as China, Germany, and Taiwan.

Skilled Workforce: We understand that a skilled workforce is the backbone of a strong manufacturing industry. Manufacturing jobs pay more than most comparable roles. We will campaign to encourage a Labour government to enhance vocational training programs, apprenticeships, and partnerships with educational institutions to ensure that workers have the skills required for the jobs of the future and to meet the demands our growing manufacturing sector will require.

Sustainable Practices: Our manufacturing campaign places a strong emphasis on sustainability. We will incentivise environmentally friendly practices, promote circular economy models, and reduce carbon emissions, and press for a manufacturing sector that respects our planet and future generations. How can it be right that we are importing parts for wind turbines instead of producing them ourselves?

Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. We believe an incoming Labour government must develop funding mechanisms, streamline regulations, and increase access to markets, enabling SMEs to thrive, innovate, and contribute to a diverse and resilient manufacturing landscape. We need to embed SMEs into the manufacturing supply chain to create long term growth for business.

Planning Reform: After years of neglect by the Conservatives Britain’s infrastructure is falling apart. If we are to revive British manufacturing then we need to ensure that our planning policies in respect of infrastructure such as transport, roads, factories, and plants are enhanced. This will require a collaboration between public and private investment.

Industrial Strategy: Labour for Manufacturing believes we need a comprehensive Industrial Strategy to provide the overarching framework for a revival in British manufacturing. The Conservative government abandoned the UK's Industrial Strategy, and it will fall to the next Labour government to write it. We need a Strategy that focusses on investment, skills, planning reform, SME’s and a competitive exchange rate to drive growth under a future Labour government.

Why support Labour's Manufacturing Campaign?

Job Creation: Our strategy will create numerous well-paying jobs across various skill levels, offering opportunities for individuals and families to secure their futures.

Inclusive Growth: We are dedicated to creating an inclusive manufacturing sector, reducing inequalities and providing equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of background or circumstance.

Public Services: The growth we achieve by prioritising manufacturing will deliver the revenues we need to pay for the vital public services we all cherish.

Future-Focused: By embracing new technologies and sustainable practices, we are paving the way for a manufacturing sector that is prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow and increasing our own security in an ever-changing world.

Community Impact: A robust manufacturing sector strengthens local communities, fosters innovation clusters, and contributes to regional development.

Join Us Today in Building a Stronger Future Through Manufacturing!

We invite you to join hands with the Labour Campaign for Manufacturing in our journey to revitalise manufacturing. Together, we can create an economy that benefits every individual and safeguards the environment. Your support matters – let's work towards a future where our manufacturing sector stands as a beacon of prosperity, ingenuity, and fairness.

Join our movement today!



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