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Tax increases to pay for COVID-19 are not the answer — writes John Mills From John Mills

Our founder John Mills argues against tax increases and instead offers up an alternative route out of the coronavirus crisis.

Debate: Should we devalue the pound? From The John Mills Institute for Prosperity

The hit to the UK economy and the public finances from the pandemic and the persistent weakness of both investment and productivity have underlined the importance of finding policies that promote growth. Could engineering a substantial fall in the exchange rate be part of the solution?

The past tells us that reviving manufacturing is the best way to increase productivity, growth and living standards From John Mills

In this latest piece, John Mills argues that the only way to secure a brighter economic future from Coronavirus is by creating the conditions for manufacturers to thrive and compete, just like we did in 1932.

Foreword by Caroline Flint: Manufacturing a Recovery from Coronavirus From Rt Hon Caroline Flint (Chair)

Rt Hon Caroline Flint writes the foreword to our latest piece of research into the economic impact of Covid-19.

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Social democracy will struggle to retain political relevance From John Mills

Social democracy seemed close to being the natural order in 2000. Almost all governments in the western world were in the hands of broadly moderate left-of-centre administrations.

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